We offer a large range of coffins to suit all budgets and preferences. Cremation and burial coffins in a variety of woods and alternative materials and finishes can be seen in our showroom along with coffin interiors and gowns. Requests for bespoke designed coffins are also catered for, please ask us for more information. All our coffins are fitted in our own workshop, to the families specification.

Memorial 1The Regent
Memorial 4The Canterbury
Memorial 4The Arran
Memorial 2The Whitestone
Memorial 4The Eliot
Memorial 4The Coton
attleboroughThe Attleborough
weddingtonThe Weddington
Memorial 4The Abbey
Memorial 4The Ford
Memorial 3The Riversley
Memorial 2The Manor
Memorial 3The Lichfield Cherry
highamThe Higham
Memorial 1The Willow Oval
Memorial 4Hainsworth Wool

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly coffins can also be supplied including wicker, cardboard and wool coffins. A full range of ashes caskets and urns are also displayed for those wishing to visit the showroom.